Client Testimonials

Here are some kind words from our valued clients.

I’m really pleased with the results. Will be racking my brains for how we can team up in the future too!
We had an inkling that our experiment would generate some interesting results. But we had no idea what to expect. Suffice to say, we were blown away by the response that followed.
— Social Ink
One Minute Briefs completely changed our twitter presence and generated interest for our cause from all sorts of places. It’s an amazing concept and we were totally overwhelmed by all the ideas. This was particularly special as it was a campaign in memory of a very special supporter of Seashell Trust and the ideas all encapsulated his and our passion for accessible sport for everyone. It was the perfect way to make people think about inclusive sport and his legacy. Thanks to Nick we reached audiences we would certainly never have been able to. Heartfelt thanks to them and everyone for getting involved, it meant so much to everyone here.
— Seashell Trust
Kpow! A blitzkrieg of super-powered ideas from the caped crusaders of creativity. Our collaboration was inspired and warmly received by the men in tights.
— Fathers 4 Justice
Working with OMB has been our secret weapon when it comes to generating campaign creative on a shoestring. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.
— City To Sea
It was such a great brief, thank you for supporting us! We would love to do more with you moving forward.
— Make A Wish Foundation
The collaborations and brilliant entries were great to see. We’re excited for the next one!
— Adobe
We were impressed at how quickly OMB were able to adapt and respond to create this brilliant, fun campaign.
— Nestle
Brilliant to work with OMB and try a different approach to recruitment.
— Lad Bible
Working with One Minute Briefs was a really great way to source good ideas from creative people online. We loved seeing the entries - they made us laugh, gave us food for thought and helped start a debate on social media.
— Anglian Water
We have worked with One Minute Briefs for a considerable length of time now and have always found them to be extremely passionate about what they do, eager to engage with the industry and their innovative invention makes them a pleasure to deal with.
— Fresh Awards
We were overwhelmed by all the ideas coming through.
— Social Chain
The cards are now available to buy! Our team worked with the OMBLES to get them ready for sale. I think they look amazing. Thanks again for a very successful project!
— Thortful
I first emailed Nick completely out of the blue, asking if they were able to support the foundation through One Minute Briefs. From the offset Nick was enthusiastic in supporting the cause and helping the charity gain a whole host of promotional material (Banners, Posters etc). The brief captured the heart of the foundation and its meaning, making the entries beyond what we could have ever expected from any huge marketing agency. Everyone at the charity is incredibly thankful to all those that sent in there ideas throughout our collaboration, we use much of the material to this day.
— Fairhurst Foundation
At WWF we were looking to engage a new audience in our work and turned to the wonderful OMB community for Earth Hour and Wear it Wild. Not only were the creative executions inspiring, fun, thought provoking and exceptional quality - we also found new followers and a new audience for our key campaigns.
The power of the community is something that we want to cherish and harness and the OMB community is one that is stacked with talent, demonstrated in the spectrum of responses to our brief. From the ridiculous to the sublime, we had so much choice as well as so much engagement around the responses themselves.

Impossibly easy way to help spark a mass of creativity.
Thanks for getting the brief out so early. We’re really enjoying it and we’re very pleased with the quality and quantity of entries.
— Rosetta Stone
One Minute Briefs is a great way to create some engagement with a different audience for us. It’s great for awareness, and some of the radical ideas we receive encourage our teams to think outside the box.
I’ve been working with the Bank of Creativity on amplifying my Merry Critmas campaign for the last three years. Their services have been invaluable in gaining me press both at home and abroad, as well as consistently creating real buzz and involvement. They get big ideas, content, production, PR, and how to make an impact. OK, there’s your testimonial, now where’s the whisky and mince pies you promised me? You little shits.
— Father Critmas
Can’t believe it had such a great response - we are SO pleased!
— Gumtree
Working with One Minute Briefs was a really interesting experience. It was great to put the brief out there and be overwhelmed by the creative and in some cases pretty hilarious responses we got in return. Really helped open up the campaign.
— Macmillan & Go Sober UK
Thanks to OMB & everyone who submitted all the great ideas. We absolutely loved them here at Lucozade HQ!!
— Lucozade
Up until recently we hadn’t heard of One Minute Briefs, we are now glad that we did! Some of the ideas we received during one of our campaigns were simply amazing. If we had sat for a month in a darkened room, we would never have managed to come with anything so clever. It had a massive impact on a particular campaign and got a lot of people engaging with us, who might not necessarily have done so.
— Melanoma UK
Grant Thornton is looking at doing a few more One Minute Briefs to support further regional events next year following the success of previous collaborations.
— Grant Thornton
Gasp partnered with One Minute Briefs to run a sponsored brief on behalf of our client, Jump Giants, the UK’s biggest and best Trampoline, Adventure and Air Parks. The sheer level of social noise and activity was astonishing, with certain metrics reporting an all time high level of engagement. This was not our criteria for success, however, nor was immediate sales activation. Put simply, our criteria was to test the activity and find just one great idea; an idea that was on brand, that our client could build a campaign around. The OMB community didn’t deliver just one. They delivered dozens.
— Gasp 4
Thanks for everything you’ve done to help us with this project – it’s been a really exciting thing for us to get involved with, and we’ve all loved it here in the office. And I’m still astounded at the quantity of entries.
— Vegetarian Society
Thanks for all your help. We’ve been so impressed with the community and the ideas they had. Some of the work will be featured in national newspapers and on the digital billboards in Time Square, New York!”
— The Drum