One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote the #IndoorPlantRange from @Tree2MyDoor

Today we’ve got a brilliant brief that is sure to inspire loads of fun ideas with a subject we’ve not covered before. Excited to see what the OMBLES come up with on this one with a great prize to be won!

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @Tree2MyDoor with the hashtag #IndoorPlantRange for the chance to win.


With their new Indoor Plant Range, Tree2mydoor want the world to know that they now have gifts for everyone: from the city-dwelling student to the rural grandparent and everyone in-between. Let’s help celebrate the new and improved Tree2mydoor gift service by creating a poster to spread brand awareness.


The overall winner wins a £100 gift voucher to spend at Tree2mydoor and an afternoon with the Tree2mydoor team.



Tree2mydoor is a gift company with roots! In 16 years, they have delighted thousands of customers with thousands of trees. And why not? Trees are everything a gift should be: living, lasting, and full of meaning.

Foliage, fruits, and flowers have grown across the UK and Ireland for all manner of people and occasions. But many of their trees and shrubs are for people with gardens in suburbia, so flat-dwelling students, graduates, young professionals, and pensioners are missing out.

Now, Tree2mydoor is proud to launch its brand new Indoor Plants Range - a wonderful collection of exotic plants perfect for growing indoors in the UK and Ireland. These indoor plants are grown by expert nurseries in the UK and Europe and supplied in taller sizes and larger pots than other online competitors.

Psstt. If you love what Tree2mydoor do and want to get involved, email your CV to (Tree2mydoor are looking for someone to be their new Business Development Manager.)







One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote #PaperStraws with @IntrinsicPaper

Today we’ve got a great brief with the guys at Intrinsic Paper to promote the use of a product that is extremely important in protecting our environment. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing creativity that the OMBLES come up with for this and there is a great prize on offer to the winner.

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs & @IntrinsicPaper with the hashtag #PaperStraws


The brief…

Campaign to spread the word that the paper straws are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws, which are due to be banned in the UK from April 2020.

About Intrinsic Paper Straws

Intrinsic are a UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality paper straws. Our journey into paper straws was very much influenced by the documentary ‘Blue Planet II’ which was broadcast in 2018. To see the damaging impact that plastic waste (especially plastic straws) is having on our oceans and wildlife is quite heart-breaking viewing. To help with the global initiative to reduce plastic pollution, Intrinsic has been setup to focus on developing plastic alternatives starting with paper straws.

We believe paper straws are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. The paper straws we provide are made from sustainably sourced papers which are biodegradable, and only contain inks and adhesives that are both food safe and environmentally friendly. Also, our straws have been designed to deliver outstanding durability during use, so consumers can enjoy that all important beverage without worrying about issues such as sogginess.

However, there is a perception with paper that it has a negative impact on the environment, but in truth it is a sustainable product. Paper is based on wood, a natural and renewable material. As trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Furthermore, as a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime.


Twitter: @IntrinsicPaper


Instagram: @intrinsicpaperstraws


One Minute Brief of the Day: Create a campaign to promote the launch of #Space1999 - a reimagining of the 1970s Gerry Anderson TV series as a @BigFinish audio drama.

We’re excited to be running another amazing brief with Big Finish today with great prizes to be won. With such an exciting subject we cannot wait to see what the OMBLES come up with!

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @BigFinish using the hashtag #Space1999.

You might want to share with some of the cast and crew: @mark_bonnar, @mtcreasey, @timbentinck, @ImJamieAnderson, @GerryAndersonTV, @BriggsNicholas, @RichardsonBF, @julesvoices, @MccreadyGlen, @SusanMHingley, @sallyamaka,

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 13.04.28.png


5 winners will receive:

A copy of Space: 1999 - Breakaway! This 3 CD box set audio drama stars Mark Bonnar (Line of Duty, Catastrophe, Guilt) as Commander John Koenig. The release date of 13 September 2019 has been chosen because it is 20 years to the day after the Moon was blown out of Earth’s orbit (according to the original series’ opening titles)! This feature-length first story is split over two CDs, with a further hour of behind-the-scenes interviews and extras on a bonus disc.

About Space: 1999

Space: 1999 was originally an international TV production, debuting in September 1975. It was lavish, it was expensive, it was thrilling, and it was packed with stunning effects and exotic alien worlds. It told the story of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, forced to journey into the unknown when a freak nuclear accident blasts the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and into deep space.

Now the much-loved series is back. This brand-new audio drama combines re-imagined versions of classic episodes together with all-new scripts. Joining Mark Bonnar is Maria Teresa Creasey as Dr Helena Russell, with additional cast members Glen McCready (Commander Gorsky/Paul Morrow/Alan Carter), Clive Hayward (Professor Victor Bergman), Susan Hingley (Sandra Benes/Alpha Computer/Sian Springer), Timothy Bentinck (Commissioner Simmons), Amaka Okafor (Dashka Kano) and Jules de Jongh (Petra Nordstrom).

What we are looking for

Celebrate the launch of the new audio drama series, and the commemoration of "Breakaway Day" (the 13 September 1999 anniversary celebrated by Gerry Anderson fans around the globe), in a way which will convince new audiences to download and listen to this blockbuster sci-fi audio drama.

We are keen to see ideas illustrated for print, outdoor or even, experiential.

The sky's the limit! (But remember: the Moon has gone!)

Key facts

Space: 1999 is only available on CD or download from - it is not listed on podcast, audiobook or streaming platforms.

Running time: 180 minutes.

Age: 8+.

Space: 1999 was a British and Italian science-fiction TV show which aired on ITV and ran from 1975-1977. It was the last production from prolific producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The original TV series starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.

This thrilling feature-length audio movie is an enhanced re-telling of the TV show’s very first episode. It follows the assignment of John Koenig (Mark Bonnar) to Moonbase Alpha, where Dr Helena Russell (Maria Teresa Creasey) is investigating the outbreak of a deadly illness among the crew, while Professor Victor Bergman (Clive Hayward) discovers that a signal from the distant planet of Meta could herald disaster for humanity.

About Big Finish

For more than 20 years, Big Finish has been producing high-quality, innovative and award-winning audio dramas. There are now literally hundreds of releases to choose from, with new titles added to our catalogue every month. The majority of Big Finish releases are based on TV series, including genre favourites like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, Survivors, Dark Shadows, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant Lives! and The Avengers.

Our stories feature familiar and much-loved characters in all-new audio adventures, and many of the actors who appeared in the original shows have returned to recreate their roles for us. The majority of our productions are either full-cast dramas or dramatic readings using just one or two voices, and feature dynamic sound design and original music.

One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote Great British Creativity with @DMA_UK

Today we’ve got a great brief with #OMBLIVE6 sponsors, the Data & Marketing Association.

With great prizes to be won and a very creative brief, we’re excited to see what the OMBLES come up with!

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs & @DMA_UK with the hashtag #GBC


  • £100 Amazon Vouchers

  • Work featured in the DMA Zine.

  • Work exhibited in DMA House & turned into stickers.



The Direct Marketing Association has rebranded. 

We are now the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). 

As the driving force of intelligent marketing, we set the standards the UK’s data and marketing industry must meet to thrive.  

We advocate for a rich fusion of technology, diversity of talent, creativity, insight – underpinned always by customer-first principles. 

Our new, expanded mission now incorporates world-renowned training from the Institute of Data & Marketing or IDM (formerly the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing).

And through DMA Talent we build pathways for and bring inspiration and opportunity to the next generation of creative thinkers, doers and makers.


The DMA runs campaign activity in five key areas.

One of those areas is the Campaign for Great British Creativity.

The campaign mission is to champion the people who make the work we love: work that changes lives, and changes the world.

We bang the craft drum for copywriters, for designers, content makers and creatives of all shapes and all sizes.

And in the process prove the true value of great British creativity to UK business; to government; and to society today.

How do we bring the campaign to life? We offer a packed calendar of DMA events, workshops, creative catch-ups and hang outs.

We have an IDM online and offline learning portfolio that caters to creatives, and DMA Talent offers initiatives like Big Book Crits support aspiring creatives, and mentorship programmes pair up rising talent with established stalwarts. 

So now we need YOU.

 We want the OMBLES community to issue a colourful, fire-in-the-belly, be-here-now call to arms to the UK creative industries.

Let them know the Campaign for Great British Creativity is here. 

This is an awareness mission.

Our call to action must be for people to learn more, to get involved.

Tweet your posters to @DMA_UK and @OneMinuteBriefs, with the hashtag #GBC. 


We will create a quarterly digital and print zine to help support our Campaign for Great British Creativity.

In our first issue we will hero the best OMBLES work - and tell the story of your efforts to be bring the campaign to the world.

And we’ll print out and place the best posters around DMA House here in London, and develop stickers to be distributed at DMA events, workshops, learning sessions: in fact, anywhere and everywhere. 

Here’s some key links:

DMA homepage

DMA Talent homepage

IDM homepage

The Campaign for Great British Creativity homepage

One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to spread the word that 100% of the homes @eonenergyuk supply now get 100% renewable electricity as standard.

Very pleased to introduce today’s great brief with another brilliant brand. Looking forward to see how the OMBLES respond to spread the word of this important initiative by E.ON. With a great prize to be won, we hope everyone will be getting involved!!


Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @eonenergyuk with the hashtag #eonrenewable

Prize: £250 cash to the winning idea!!

About #eonrenewable

We want to help our customers take steps towards living in a more sustainable way so that we can all do our part when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.

Nowadays, there are many things you can do to support a more sustainable world. Some things are so simple, such as recycling or using a reusable coffee cup, that they may have become second nature to you. And now, we’re providing all our customers’ homes with an electricity supply backed by 100% renewable sources as standard.

So the brief is straightforward… help us spread the word that 100% of the homes we supply (3.3m households in the UK) now get 100% renewable electricity as standard.

What we mean by renewable: Electricity from renewable sources means it’s been produced from sources including the sun, wind, organic matter like plants, the sea, rivers or even energy stored within the earth.

More info:

The winning design/s will encapsulate E.ON’s tone of voice: authentic, simple, collaborative, creative. Above all they should have a feeling of optimism and ultimately a sense we’re creating a better tomorrow.


E.ON Stags Holt wind farm light artist.jpg

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise the #WingingIt Guide brought to you by @ResponseTap

Today we’ve got a fun brief with our friends at ResponseTap. They’ve created a handy toolkit for digital marketers. And, we want the OMBLES to help us spread the word about it.

We want your brilliant ideas, examples, experiences, funny posters and anything else that comes to mind when it comes to #WingingIt.

Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @ResponseTap with the hashtag #WingingIt

Please include the link in your tweets.

Prize: £100 cash prize for the winner!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 21.09.16.png

About the campaign:


The #WingingIt toolkit launches today and is built with the insight in mind that marketers are overwhelmed, they are expected to know everything from digital to creative to analytics and tech. It’s an impossible task. And, if they’re honest, sometimes they are left sweaty palmed, stumbling over their words and making their best attempt at an answer. So, we wanted to offer a solution – just wing it. We hired a comedian (Alistair Green) and filmed some satirical videos on how to wing it. It’s a bit of fun that we want to share to marketers across social media whilst delivering an ‘anti-winging it with ResponseTap’ message.

About Response Tap:

Leaders in Call Intelligence

Connecting and powering calls, from campaign to conversion. Call Intelligence provides real-time, actionable insight into what makes the phone ring, for marketers to optimise campaigns and call centres to maximise the value of sales. If the phone is an integral part of your customer's buying journey, make every call count.


One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote #SuperchargerSauce brought to you by @KFC_UKI


We are back for another amazing brief with our friends at KFC! This time it’s for a product of theirs that has already achieved iconic status and we want the OMBLES to help spread the word even further!

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @KFC_UKI with the hashtag #SuperchargerSauce


Our spicy mayo Supercharger Sauce has a true cult following.

For years, desperate fans have cried out for us to sell bottles of the sauce and boy have we delivered with our 1L bottles. Available at all participating stores until 11th August.

Your task is to win over the less devoted; those who may not have tried or perhaps had never even heard of Supercharger. It’s a shock, I know, but those people are out there and they need converting.

The winning design/s will encapsulate KFC’s tone of voice, distinctive style all while preaching the good word of Supercharger!


Get a months worth of free buckets of finger lickin’ chicken courtesy of the Colonel and of course, a litre bottle of our delicious Supercharger Sauce.

Social Link:



One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote the launch of the #Transference audio drama from @BigFinish

Today we’ve got a brilliant OMB for a subject we’ve never covered before!! With some brilliant prizes to be won, we can’t wait to see what the OMBLES come up with!!


We'd like you to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @BigFinish using the hashtag #Transference

You might even want to share your ideas with some of the cast too @warrenisbrown @ingridoliver100 or the Director @kenbentley and Producer @RichardsonBF


3 winners will receive:

A Big Finish Originals full cast audio drama serial of their choice (perfect for listening to on the beach, stuck in traffic, or while you wait for a client to pay your invoice).

Choose from:
ATA Girl:
Jeremiah Bourne in Time:
Shilling & Sixpence Investigate:
Blind Terror:
Human Frontier (not yet released):

About Transference

Sam Ross is a psychotherapist - she spends her days helping people, but she can barely help herself. She’s still grieving over the recent death of her sister; her mother Barbara offers little support and she’s professionally challenged. One of her clients is Keith, a man whose life story changes with every session. And Keith has a secret – one that will rock Sam’s world to the core and place her in the most terrible danger.

This eight-hour intricate psychological thriller is twice the length of a regular Big Finish Originals series; it is available only as a download from the web site: and has been released today!!! August 01, 2019.

Alex Kingston (Doctor Who, Arrow, ER) leads an all-star cast, alongside Warren Brown (Luther, Strike Back, X Company), Wendy Craig (The Worst Witch, Unforgotten, Nanny, Butterflies), Ingrid Oliver (Doctor Who) and Robert Whitelock (Marcella, Informer, Military Wives).

What we're looking for

We are looking for some fantastically creative and imaginative ways to convince people to download and listen to this blockbuster of an audio drama.

Pretend we have no limit on our budget; we're keen to see ideas illustrated for experiential, out of home, print, design, product, whatever...

That said, we'd really like to see some nice ideas for ad spreads in magazines or on billboards.

Feel free to use (but not abuse) images of the cast.

Key facts

Transference is not currently available on podcast, audiobook or streaming platforms. It is only available to download from

The running time of Transference is 480 minutes.

About Big Finish

For more than 20 years, Big Finish has been producing high-quality, innovative and award-winning audio dramas. There are now literally hundreds of releases to choose from, with new titles added to our catalogue every month. The majority of Big Finish releases are based on TV series, including genre favourites like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, Survivors, Dark Shadows, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant Lives! and The Avengers.

Our stories feature familiar and much-loved characters in all-new audio adventures, and many of the actors who appeared in the original shows have returned to recreate their roles for us. The majority of our productions are either full-cast dramas or dramatic readings using just one or two voices, and feature dynamic sound design and original music.

The Big Finish Originals are brand new full-cast original releases from some of the talented people at Big Finish. Stars include Eve Myles, David Warner, Nigel Planer, Celia Imrie and Samuel Barnett.


One Minute Brief of the Day: Create billboard posters for #KeepBritainSmiling

Today we’ve got a brilliant brief with great prizes and the potential opportunity to have your ideas up on billboards around the UK

We’d like you to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @KeepGBSmiling with the hashtags #KeepBritainSmiling and #SayNoToSugaryDrinks

It’s an all-new Twitter feed so remember to give them a follow too!!



The winner will receive:

  • State-of-the-art electric toothbrush rrp £229

  • Dental goodie bag including toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, stickers, keyrings etc.

  • £50 cash.


#KeepBritainSmiling started off life as #KeepStokeSmiling as a modern way to engage with orthodontic patients and encourage them to take note of our oral health messages. We have a Facebook and Instagram account and have worked with the local college to create a local campaign to improve the oral health of children and teenagers in Stoke. The campaign has been really successful and generated significant national interest.

We are hoping that the campaign will soon be a national one, as this issue affects young people everywhere. So, we’ve created a new Keep Britain Smiling brand that can be rolled out across the country and we want you, the Ombles, to help us spread the message.

It’s a David & Goliath battle – fizzy drinks vs healthy teeth

What we’re looking for

Looking for ideas to warn young people and/or parents about the dental risks of drinking fizzy energy and sugary drinks to children and teenagers.

-       To understand the damage sugary drinks do to teeth

-       Know that energy drinks rot teeth severely and quickly.

-       If left untreated, dental decay is likely to cause an abscess and cellulitis (swelling of the face), the treatment of which often requires hospitalisation and intravenous antibiotics.

-       Failing to look after teeth properly may result in long term problems which cannot easily be fixed

-       More and more children/young adults are having to face the reality of ‘dentures’ to replace missing front teeth, as implants are not always possible (even if the funds are available!)

-       Diet drinks also damage teeth by eroding the enamel (the protective layer) making the tooth more susceptible to decay and sensitivity

-       Encourage young people to want that nice ‘selfie’ smile

-       Children with dental problems often struggle academically, lack self-confidence and are reluctant to smile.

-       Dental decay compromises children’s ability to eat well, sleep well and function well at home and at school.

-       The unaesthetic nature of tooth decay also compromises children’s self-esteem and social development

-       Studies have shown that having poor dental health can impact on a young person’s ability to get a job. A recent YouGov poll for the British Dental Association showed that having decayed, discoloured, broken or missing teeth makes it twice as hard to compete in the job market than being overweight or dressing inappropriately.

-       Avoid references to Stoke. We want to spread the message far and wide.

-       We want primary and secondary schools Nationwide to ban sugary/fizzydrinks and sugary snacks (London have pledged to do this by 2022 – but it’s not a national thing, and it’s not been particularly well advertised!

Key facts:

1 in 4 5-year olds suffer tooth decay

Dental caries is the most common disease in children/teenagers

Dental decay costs the NHS in excess of £36 million every year

The average school child misses 4 school days per year due to pain etc. from tooth decay

The average 5-year old consumes his/her own bodyweight in sugar and a bathtub full of fizzy drinks per year

Over 26,000 hospital admissions for children having teeth out under a general anaesthetic.

There are 9 cubes of sugar in a can of cola

There are 13+ cubes of sugar in an average energy drink

1/5th of 3-10 year olds regularly consume energy drinks

2/3rds of 10-16 year olds regularly consume energy drinks

Sales of energy drinks, in convenience outlets alone, totalled £667m in 2018, with Monster energy drink showing a 38% year-on-year growth

More information

Oral Health Foundation: – Time to tackle tooth decay in children

One Minute Brief of the day: Generate campaign ideas to save @AcornsHospice Walsall

Today we have an important brief for a great cause that is close to the hearts of the OMB community. Almost 2 years ago, we ran our first brief to raise awareness and donations for treatment for Isabella Lyttle, who was suffering with Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. In May this year, we received the devastating news that Isabella lost her fight and we ran a tribute brief to celebrate her inspirational life.

Just weeks after Isabella' passed away, it was announced that due to insufficient funds, Acorns Black Country Hospice in Walsall would be closing it's doors to the 230 life limited and life threatened children and their families who receive vital care and support there. Acorns was a huge support to Isabella and her family for almost 9 years. Isabella loved going there, and the care she received gave her and her parents much needed support during her long illness and in the few weeks following Isabella's death.

That’s why we hope the OMBLES will help us support this cause today!

Acorns BC Appeal Orange.png

Please include @OneMinuteBriefs and @AcornsHospice along with the hashtag #SaveOurHospice and link in your tweets.

Prize for the winning idea:

  • Personalised Thank You Card

  • Acorns Hospice T-Shirt

  • £30 Amazon Vouchers

About the Appeal: Save Acorns Black Country Hospice

In June it was announced that Acorns Children's Hospice would be closing the doors to its Black Country Hospice in Walsall. This hospice provides a lifeline to the 230 life limited and life threatened children and their families who receive vital care and support there. Parents immediately began the fight to save the hospice, with Mark Lyttle (Isabella's Dad) even visiting Westminster to put forward their case for more government funding. The hard work of parents and the local community has paid off, and the decision to close Acorns Black Country Hospice has been put on hold for four months following a commitment of new NHS funding from Black Country healthcare commissioners and an earlier announcement by NHS England that they would double their central funding to support the country's children's hospices over the next 5 years. This lifeline means that the hospice in Walsall can stay open to Black Country children and families until at least the end of March 2020, but £2million will need to be raised to keep the hospice from closure altogether. Urgent fundraising is needed to keep the doors of Acorns Black Country Hospice open beyond next year.

About Acorns

Acorns Children’s Hospice provides babies, children and young people aged 0 – 18 years who have life limiting or life threatening conditions and associated complex needs with a network of specialist palliative nursing care and support. Acorns provide a holistic service which meets the needs of both the children and their families, including the bereaved. This includes short break provision; emergency and end of life care; therapeutic and psychosocial support; sibling services and family support.



One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote #PlasticFreeTravel with @CityToSea_

Today we’re running another brilliant brief with our friends at City To Sea and there’s a great prize to be won!

We’re running a consumer-focused travel campaign looking to inspire change. We’re asking members of the public going on holiday this summer to ditch single-use plastic when packing, travelling and holidaying.


Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs & @CityToSea_ with the hashtag #PlasticFreeTravel

Prize: £100 cash prize to the winner!!


  • One piece of research estimates 980 million tonnes of mini-plastic shampoo bottles are being dumped by British holiday makers abroad each year. For context, that’s the equivalent to two-and-a-half Boeing 747s.

  • Plastics account for 95 percent of the waste in the open sea, on the seabed and on beaches across the Mediterranean, said the new report.

  • Tourists to the region cause a 40 percent spike in the marine litter that ends up in the sea each summer.

  • As well as coming in plastic, most sunscreen CONTAINS plastic. Dow Chemical makes Sunspheres, particles of 0.0003 mm that are put in other brands’ sunscreen products. It can be between 10 and 100 trillion particles in one single product.


The campaign is asking people to: 

  1. Buy refillable toiletries instead of buying travel miniatures

  2. Take your own refillable water bottle and coffee cup and refill on the go (you can empty your bottle, take it through security and refill the other side!)

  3. Use plastic-free, reef-friendly sun-cream.




One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to encourage donations for @JubileeSailing's Emergency Appeal #JSTAppeal

Today we have an important brief for a great cause!!

We want the OMBLES to create posters to encourage donations for an emergency appeal by Jubilee Sailing in order to save them and all the great work they do for people.

JST logo for print - 5cm x 2cm @ 300dpi (1).jpg

Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs & @JubileeSailing with the link and hashtag #JSTAppeal

Prize for the winning idea to be announced soon.

JST’s mission

We have a unique mission, to give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea.

About the Appeal

Over the past 40 years, the JST has delivered nearly 50,000 transformative adventures. Throughout this time, our work has made a profound difference to the lives of people of all abilities, ages, backgrounds and circumstances. We have had a global reach and sailed our important mission to every continent on the planet. 

In recent years, we have been working hard to ensure this legacy can be enjoyed by many generations to come by making important changes to how we deliver our mission – for example, by widening the groups of beneficiaries we serve and putting charitable partnerships at the center of everything we do. 

These efforts have been designed to increase our impact and also our financial sustainability. Whilst they have achieved the former, we have been struggling to stabilise our financial situation for the past 12 months, following a number of substantial mechanical issues across both ships, poor uptake of our winter 2018 programme, and the deferral of some partner projects from this summer to next year. 

This has increased our short-term liabilities and we have not been able to raise the additional income, above that which we normally would expect, which is necessary to cover this shortfall.  

At a meeting on Thursday June 27th 2019, the Trustees resolved that we should launch an emergency rescue fundraising effort to address our very serious financial challenges and to provide the working capital now needed to continue our activities. Our objective is to urgently raise £1m (one million pounds) of unrestricted funds by Friday July 5th 2019 to ensure that this can happen. 

If we are unable to reach this target, then it is likely the JST’s activities will cease immediately, unless the Trustees can find another viable solution to our funding situation which allows us to continue operating responsibly. 

This would, of course, be a very sad conclusion to four amazing decades of such important and ground-breaking work and it is particularly disappointing given the strength of our plans for later this year and beyond, which include a pioneering youth development project in August, the continuation of important partnerships which impact all our beneficiary groups, and a very exciting Mediterranean programme in the spring of 2020. 

This decision has not been taken lightly and follows extensive consultation with restructuring professionals. It also considers the Trustees’ fiduciary responsibilities and the requirement for good governance of the charity, along with its duty to all stakeholders. 

If you would like to help, please send your donation using the Appeal Gift Form or donate via JustGiving (click here). 

All funds received will be placed in a ring-fenced account and will not be utilised until a final decision about the Trust’s viability is made by the Trustees at a meeting on Monday July 8th. All funds received by close of business on Friday July 5th will be considered in their decision making. 

If, at that meeting, the Trustees decide insufficient monies have been raised to continue operations, then they will be promptly returned to those who have contributed. 

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of our request and thank you, in advance, for any assistance you can provide at this critical time.


One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote #DublinConversations

Today, we’ve got a Brief - and it’s a campaign we hope will begin conversations to help many people in the creative industries now and in the future.

Plus there’s a £50 prize for the winner!

#DublinConversations logo.png

We want you to share your ideas, headlines, sketches, designs and posters to help spread the message as far as possible about the #DublinConversations - a grassroots drive to shape big change for the communications community through hundreds of small, intelligent conversations over the next 12 months and co-create a better future.

Tweet your ideas to @OneMinuteBriefs with the hashtag #DublinConversations


We work in a post-digital world that has disrupted what we knew as advertising or public relations and creating new ways of communicating to audiences through social media, content, influencer marketing and much more.

We now have the problem that old ways of doing are less reliable, relevant, or are now redundant.

That’s where the ‘Dublin Conversations’ offers help - with a year-long project providing five free services as listed below and, to kickstart the planned year of conversations ahead, we have a tour this month across Ireland, starting from Dublin and into Cork, Galway and Belfast. Further events are planned for the UK, Australia, the United States and elsewhere.

· An easy to use ‘5 Steps to Dublin’ online changemaker tool that’s offering support to develop new ideas.

· The ‘Journey from Dublin Toolkit’ - with a new helpful tool launched each month

· The ‘Dublin Conversations Sandpit’ - an offline space to share, co-create ideas, insights and inspirations

· ‘Dublin Conversations events’ - free open talks to share, listen and grow your thinking,

· A Green Paper end of year report on the progress of the Conversation, which will be reviewed by an expert panel of academics and practitioners curating the ideas, insights and inspirations from the input of you and others during the year-long project

Further info at

One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote #FootballFriday with @Tackle4MCR @HitsRadioUK & @HitsCash4Kids

Today we’ve got an incredible brief where we can all put our team allegiances aside and use our creativity to celebrate #FootballFriday and help make a difference in people’s lives! With some amazing prizes to be won, we’re really excited to see what the OMBLES come up with today!!


Vincent Kompany's Tackle4MCR and Hits Radio Cash for Kids have joined forces to create #FootballFriday. The fundraising day encourages you to show your colours today to help tackle homelessness. By getting involved you’ll be supporting young people in Greater Manchester who are at risk of or have become homeless.

We want you to share your ideas, headlines, sketches, designs and posters to help spread the message as far as possible about #FootballFriday. A day where we are encouraging all sorts of footy related fundraising, whether that’s you and your colleagues or classmates wearing their football shirts for the day or organising a charity football match, all the money raised on #FootballFriday will go towards Centrepoint who give homeless young people a future. Footy themed selfies are welcome too!!

Please tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs @Tackle4MCR @HitsRadioUK @HitsCashForKids with the hashtag #FootballFriday and include the link below in tweets to encourage donations!

You can also tag/mention @VincentKompany and @AndyBurnhamGM in your tweets too!


  • £100 cash prize for the winner!!


Tackle4MCR is a combined effort of Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany, and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to address rough sleeping and homelessness on the streets of our city-region.

Tackle4MCR will catalyse, promote, organise and manage three fundraising initiatives following a considered approach spanning the full length of the football season, for the benefit of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund.

This city is a bigger, better place than the place I came to ten years ago.

Yet through it all, homelessness has become a growing concern. We must be honest about that. That’s why I came up with this idea.

I want to shine a spotlight, raise money and to work with partners so that people do not have to sleep rough. I want them to have the dignity they deserve. To do this, I am working with the Mayor, Andy Burnham, and with important partners. I am honoured to have these people alongside.

So, obviously this is not about being Blue, Red, any colour or no colour. It is about being a Manc.

I know it is not easy, but I think it is in the character of Manchester to get started on a problem and then work out all the issues and details as we go along. And the problem is urgent. That is why I am dedicating my testimonial year to the homeless of this city.

Please support Tackle4MCR
— Vincent Kompany
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One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to encourage kindness & inclusion on #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY with @CybersmileHQ

We're delighted to once again be official partners with Cybersmile on Stop Cyberbullying Day alongside the likes of Intel, Claire's, Yoola, Twitter and WWE. And, this year we want to spread a positive message of kindness and inclusion online.

To help us do that, we're calling on the OMBLES to do what they do best, and share their ideas to make a difference and get people talking about #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY 

Scribbles, notes, designs, sketches etc welcome. Let's get this message out there!


The winning idea will receive a £125 cash prize.
Tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs @CybersmileHQ with the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY 

See the video our very own Bank of Creativity produced and directed this year, performed by Chessie King and written by Emma Sykes. The film was shot & edited by Radford Nicholls.

On Friday 21st June, Cybersmile celebrate Stop Cyberbullying Day, where everybody can get involved and make a difference both on and off-line. We are asking everybody who cares about cyberbullying and online hate campaigns to join our growing movement for action against online bullying and to help us create a diverse internet free from abuse. This year, our focus is on kindness and inclusion because, when we help each other, we can make the world a better place.

Find out more at:

What We Do
The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi award winning anti cyberbullying non-profit organization. Committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse and bullying online, we work to promote diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community.

Through education and the promotion of positive digital citizenship we reduce incidents of cyberbullying and through our professional help and support services we enable victims and their families to regain control of their lives.

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One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote @TheRunningBee during the @TourOfTameside #TOT19 #BeeActiveBeeHealthyBeeHappy

Today we’ve got another great brief with our friends at Sports Tours International to coincide with their amazing initiative the Running Bee Foundation taking part in the Tour of Tameside where the Running Bee is presenting 4 races!!

We’re looking for ideas that will help promote the Running Bee Foundation itself but you can include the Tour of Tameside in your ideas if you like. We’re sure the OMBLES will come up with some amazing posters to help us spread the word!!


Remember to tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @TheRunningBee & @TourOfTameside with the hashtags #TOT19 #BeeActiveBeeHealthyBeeHappy

Prizes for the winner:

  • £50 cash prize

  • Running Bee Tee

About Running Bee

The Running Bee Foundation was founded and supported by Sports Tours International – the UK’s leading sports travel business.

Our Story:  For more than 10 years, Sports Tours International has been helping people to get active across the North West, by organising a series of high profile running events.

These events provide a real focus for their local communities, encouraging more people to get active and developing a sense of local pride.

Starting from 2019, ALL the profits from Sports Tours International’s 9 running events will go to The Running Bee Foundation to be invested back into the communities where these events take place.

The Running Bee Foundation aims to improve the health and well being of local residents and to help tackle the challenge of childhood obesity.

It will do this by making grants available to community groups and local charities in the towns and cities where our events take place.

So get involved, enter our races and help those charities and good causes in YOUR area.

You can apply for a grant here.

Volunteer to take part here.

For more info and a list of events click below:


One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters in support of the @Lionesses for the #FIFAWWC #Lionesses

Today we’ve got an great brief and we’re hoping the OMBLES will join us to send positive and inspiring posters and messages to the @Lionesses as the Women’s World Cup begins today!

We want to wish them loads of luck in as many creative ways as possible…so remember to include @OneMinuteBriefs and @Lionesses in your tweets with the hashtag #Lionesses and #FIFWWC

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 21.49.32.png

About the Lionesses:

The England women's national football team have qualified for the FIFA Women's World Cup four times, reaching the quarter-finals on the first three occasions in 1995, 2007, and 2011, and finishing third in 2015. They reached the final of the UEFA Women's Championship in 1984 and 2009.

Now they are looking to go even further this year in 2019!!


"We want women's football to get bigger and bigger, but we have to make ourselves as visible as possible. We're so powerful right now. We're a steam train, we're not stopping..."

Arsenal and England defender Leah Williamson sends out her rallying cry to the female footballing world - not from behind a podium but from a chair on a film set, where she is the big star.

That is exactly what this summer is about for the Lionesses - being the big stars on the ultimate stage, performing to an audience of millions and hopefully lifting the golden trophy!

Find out more about the squad and all the latest news here:


One Minute Brief of the Day: Create honest ads for made-up brands with @TheDrum & @RankinPhoto #BDF2019

To coincide with our OMB talk at the ‘Truth themed’ Birmingham Design Festival today, we’ve got a great brief based around honesty in advertising in collaboration with The Drum and Rankin with an amazing prize to be won. You have the opportunity to have your ad chosen to be shot and brought to life by Rankin and featured in The Drum Magazine!!

Remember to tweet your ads to @OneMinuteBriefs @TheDrum and @RankinPhoto as well as tagging the hashtag of the Festival we’re attending today #BDF2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 09.40.05.png

About the brief:


For The Drum’s October issue – which will focus on the theme ‘Sell me the truth for a change’, guest edited by Rankin – we want to explore the idea of honesty in advertising. So we’re going to bring the best idea to life in a photo shoot, and run some fake ads in the magazine.

The problem

Brands of all stripes advertise their products based on the idea that they’ll make you feel different. That they’ll transform your life – or at least your afternoon.

The solution

We want you to write an ad for a product in one of the below sectors that tells consumers the truth about how they’ll feel using it.

Soft drinks

Fast food

Fast casual dining

Fast fashion

Dental care



Branded generic drugs/medicines

Create your own branded product for the category, using a made-up brand. Make it as funny – and as honest – as you can. We want to see un-aspirational, un-transformative, honest messaging with a sense of humour. Sell us the truth for a change!

One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to encourage the public to #DoSomethingDifferent with @WhereaboutsHols

In the second of our two briefs from our friends at Sports Tours International, we are looking to encourage the public to #DoSomethingDifferent with Whereabouts Holidays. With a great prize to be won, we are excited to see all the great ideas and headlines that the OMBLES come up with for these incredible adventure, walking and adventurous cycling holidays.

The aim is to encourage people who have never been on an adventure holiday to try one out, get previous customers interested in new routes and those who are not sure about adventure holidays in general to give it a try. It’s not just about the walking, cycling and adventure. It’s about the overall holiday experience.


Remember to tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @WhereaboutsHols with the hashtag #DoSomethingDifferent

Prize for the winner:

  • £100 Amazon Vouchers.

About Us



It’s not about us, it’s about you, and our friendly team is here to offer you guidance when you need it and our number 1 priority is to find a holiday that suits you. With several years experience walking, cycling, paddling and having fun in the snow around the world we’re experts in putting together a good holiday for you. We’re keen to share our passion for the great outdoors with a range of active holidays operated by our trusted local partners allowing you to experience new places, new activities and enjoying your natural surroundings without worrying about how you and your bags are getting from A to B. Flights aren’t included, but that’s all part of the adventure – our team can offer carefully catered advice on the best method of reaching your desired location. Or you can choose your own path, giving you the freedom and independence to start your adventure however you see fit.

Many of our holidays also allow the option to travel as a group on a private departure or can be tailored to your needs. Take us up on our free holiday consulation service. Just contact us, tell us a little bit about your party and what you'll enjoy and we'll find the ideal adventure holiday for you. Whether travelling alone, as part of a group or with your friends and family we would be delighted to have you as part of our Active Lifestyle Family.

For an overview of some of our holidays please see our mini-brochure here.

Links for imagery and more info to use:

The Bank of Creativity Brand

You will have seen some changes to the Bank of Creativity brand in the last few months.

The One Minute Briefs website has now been rebranded and incorporated into the Bank of Creativity site, as well as Agency Quotes, Rapid Response Unit, Love Your NHS and our blog.

All of these will now be part of the Bank of Creativity so we can offer an integrated service to our followers and better content to our followers by minimising our amount of channels and websites.

We are looking to grow the Bank of Creativity brand further in the coming months and have started a Bank of Creativity Facebook Group which will be closely followed by our Bank of Creativity Page which will be changing from it’s current name of One Minute Briefs. This will allow us to share much more contEnt than OMB as we can also share events, work, meetups, advice and more via the feed and become an even bigger community.

We hope you will all continue to be a part of what we are doing as together, we can achieve even greater things.

Thank you,