One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise EDEN Blue Sparkling Wine by @EdenSparkling

Today we’ve got an amazing brief with an exclusive brand, EDEN Sparkling Wine, and a great prize to be won for creating posters to promote this brilliant and unique product.


Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @EdenSparkling with the hashtag #EdenizeYourself AND post your entries to Instagram tagging @edensparklingwine and the same hashtag. Remember to include the Eden logo & site on your posters if you can and don’t forget to give them a follow too!

Please include the following in your tweets:

Experience 20% off paradise using ENCHANTEE20 at

Prize: A case of 6 bottles of EDEN Blue Sparkling Wine for the Winner to enjoy!!

We’d like to see all entries shared to Instagram too, however, the Twitter entries will be the ones entered into the competition.


Rare are the occasions where we indulge all our senses simultaneously. Eden’s effervescence dazzles and enchants, capturing paradise in a bottle. Escape to a yacht in the French Riviera, surrounded by a blissful blue sea, with each sparkling glass. Feel the sunshine kiss your skin with each exquisite taste. Sweet. Luxurious. Alluring. Elegant. Delight. Experience Paradise. Enjoy Eden.

Born out of inspiration and 5 years of unwavering perseverance, Eden was created to serve the palate of successful individuals and life enthusiasts.

Founder, Aymeric V Bruneau, has drawn on four generations of winemaking expertise to produce a truly unique and sensual drinking experience.

His great grandfather, Gaston, founded the Mareau-aux-Pres winery close to Orleans, France in 1931. Aymeric’s grandfather, Valere, followed in his footsteps and became a locally renowned vintner. In his spare time, Valere also produced pear brandy “eau de vie”. However, despite this historic winemaking pedigree, Aymeric’s father decided to follow a different path, and break away from the family business and tradition.

Thirty years later, upon discovering weathered photographs of his grandfather working in the vineyards, Aymeric determined to revive his family heritage and return to his roots. He resolved to create something that would stand out and be outstanding at the same time. Aymeric knew a marriage of rich tradition with a modern twist would be the key ingredients for a unique wine. A wine that would bring the family legacy back to life. In Eden.


Colour: Bright Turquoise Blue | Flavour: Notes of Stone fruits with hints of Passion fruit

Country: France (Provence) | Grape: Chardonnay | ABV: 12% | Dosage: 38 g/l

Eden Blue Sparkling Wine is available to buy as a single 75CL bottle or as a case of 6 bottles

We’re very excited to see what the OMBLES come up with!

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