One Minute Brief of the Day: Create honest ads for made-up brands with @TheDrum & @RankinPhoto #BDF2019

To coincide with our OMB talk at the ‘Truth themed’ Birmingham Design Festival today, we’ve got a great brief based around honesty in advertising in collaboration with The Drum and Rankin with an amazing prize to be won. You have the opportunity to have your ad chosen to be shot and brought to life by Rankin and featured in The Drum Magazine!!

Remember to tweet your ads to @OneMinuteBriefs @TheDrum and @RankinPhoto as well as tagging the hashtag of the Festival we’re attending today #BDF2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 09.40.05.png

About the brief:


For The Drum’s October issue – which will focus on the theme ‘Sell me the truth for a change’, guest edited by Rankin – we want to explore the idea of honesty in advertising. So we’re going to bring the best idea to life in a photo shoot, and run some fake ads in the magazine.

The problem

Brands of all stripes advertise their products based on the idea that they’ll make you feel different. That they’ll transform your life – or at least your afternoon.

The solution

We want you to write an ad for a product in one of the below sectors that tells consumers the truth about how they’ll feel using it.

Soft drinks

Fast food

Fast casual dining

Fast fashion

Dental care



Branded generic drugs/medicines

Create your own branded product for the category, using a made-up brand. Make it as funny – and as honest – as you can. We want to see un-aspirational, un-transformative, honest messaging with a sense of humour. Sell us the truth for a change!