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One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to #Connect2Earth with @WWF on May 22nd #BiodiversityDay

Following some amazing briefs for #EarthHour and #WearItWildDay with WWF UK, we are thrilled to be doing today’s brief with WWF International and we’re looking forward to seeing what all of the InternationOMBLES come up with!


We’ve got brilliant prizes to be won and your work could feature on WWF social channels to millions of followers!!

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs @WWF with the hashtags #BiodiversityDay and #Connect2Earth

We share our planet with millions of different species. This huge variety of animals and plants, and the places they live, is called biodiversity. And, together, they provide us with essentials like food, drinking water, clean air, medicines and shelter.

This International Day for Biodiversity we’re asking people to #Connect2Earth by creating a poster that creatively uses the wifi logo to show us:

  • How diverse the environment/natural world around you is

  • What you love about nature

  • Your favourite species and habitats

  • How you benefit from everything nature has to provide or

  • How you connect with the birds, the bees and anything wild that you please.


While doing it for mother nature is reward in itself, we will also pick:

1 winner who will win £200 cash and WWF merchandise

1 runner-up who will win WWF merchandise from our

Let’s fill those timelines with how beautiful this one planet we call home is.

Web link:
Twitter: @WWF  

Below are some examples of previous creative posters using the wi-fi symbol. And, a little film to show what one of the WWF designers came up with. Beautiful stuff.

We’re excited to see what the OMBLES come up with!

Best of #Connect2Earth wifi.png

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise @GasIsMusic #ThePowerofMusic

Today we’ve got a great brief with our friends at GAS Music who helped to create Father Critmas’ music video in his most recent #MerryCritmas campaign. We are also working together on another exciting new music video for an upcoming project. To thank them for all their amazing support, I thought that GAS Music would make an amazing subject for an OMB and I’m sure all the OMBLES will have a lot of fun with this one!

Gas Logo mid3.JPG

Tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @GasIsMusic with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMusic

Prize: Agency or freelancer studio time or services to the value of £1000 at GAS Music.


Every event in our lives (good, bad and the ugly) - from social gatherings, school, holidays and travel right through to purchasing decisions and lifestyles, has a soundtrack!

So, how do you advertise the power of sound, audio, music on the moving image with GAS Music.

Don't judge a book by the cover, but do judge a person/brand on their record collection / choice of music!

An example of how important music and sound is to film is the brilliant GAS parody of the Elton John John Lewis advert below.

About GAS Music:

We love music, we're efficient, flexible, cost effective - producing bespoke and production / library music for TV, film, advertising, gaming and B2B our musical arrangements covering full orchestral to sound design. With the added benefit of a record label we're also a functioning studio so we can mix and master (on-line, tv ) and set and certificate to broadcast levels (R128), Voice Overs, ADR, dubbing, foley - we can compose to edit and also edit picture which helps demos, supply chain and saves time and money.

GAS reel for TV, film & advertising below:

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.21.57.png

One Minute Brief of the Day: Create Tribute Posters #InMemoryOfIsabella @LyttleFight

We are very sad to be running today’s brief but feel that, together, we can create a beautiful tribute to someone who has inspired many of us as we followed her story.

We received the sad news last week that Isabella Lyttle has passed away on Sunday 28th April. Having got to know Isabella and her family, we were of course very upset and we want to do something to celebrate what a fighter she was and how she has been so inspirational to us all.

That’s why we want the OMBLES to create positive tribute posters to Isabella. These could feature at an event in her memory in the future.

We’d like you to tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @LyttleFight with the hashtag #InMemoryOfIsabella

We first heard of Isabella’s story when Louise Chorley got in touch for us to run a One Minute Brief to raise awareness and donations. With over £100k to raise it was going to be difficult but we did what we could. Together with the family, we developed a script for a film based on one of the ideas by @ZedTrafficker that at only 10 years old, Isabella shouldn’t know the ‘C’ word. A film was then made and edited by Trunk and sent out via the charity Facebook feed. Within hours it had 1 million views and hit 10 million views on Unilad, as well as featuring on The Hook, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and BBC National News. We ran further One Minute Briefs campaigns and asked for people to send in their own videos to ‘the C-word’ and nominate others to do the same. This helped make the campaign go even more viral and has helped the family to raise more than £100,000 towards getting Isabella the life-saving treatment in America she needed.

Unfortunately, despite having the funds to do so, Isabella never became well enough to be able to receive the treatment as here health deteriorated. The family received the bad news that the cancer had spread and they were told to go and make some memories. They headed straight to Disneyland Paris for an amazing trip but upon their return Isabella’s health took a turn for the worse and she passed away peacefully on Sunday 28th April.

I was very sad to hear the news. Isabella was inspirational to myself and lots of our followers. When directing the film, I had to make her shout the word ‘Cancer’ over and over, which is difficult enough itself but her performance was unlike anything I have ever seen. She was battling to save her own life and I will never forget the moment of the final scene in the film which was so real and powerful. I am proud to have seen how the OMB community tried to help Isabella and she has touched all of our hearts.
— Nick Entwistle

One Minute Brief of the Day: Promote the re-launch of @MahikiMCR_ #MAHIKIisBACK

Today we’ve got a very special Good Friday brief with our friends at Mahiki Manchester and there are some great prizes to be won!

We’re looking for fun, positive and clever ideas to promote the re-launch of this great club. And, with the guestlist for Saturday already full, we would like to see posters to promote the guestlist for Easter Sunday!!


Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @MahikiMCR_ with the hashtag #MAHIKIisBACK

Please include the following in your tweets:

‘DM for Guestlist at

We also encourage you to post your entries to Instagram using the same handles and hashtag above, however the Twitter entries will be the ones entered into the competition.

Don’t forget to follow @MahikiMCR_ on Insta and Twitter too!


  • £50 cash prize

  • VIP booth at Mahiki Manchester with a free bottle of Prosecco upon arrival (this can be redeemed this weekend or at a later date & can also be sent as a gift to a friend if you wish)


Mahiki is BACK

The London based brand is back in Manchester with new owners and a new motive!!

On Saturday & Sunday this weekend we’ll also be giving the first 100 girls on the guestlist two drinks on us! 

The club is launching on the 20th April bringing in the bank holiday weekend with a bang with guestlist invites and VIP parties on the Saturday and the Sunday. Located on Central Street next to the town hall, Mahiki will welcome guests – including all of the Miss Manchester finalists – with booths, bottles and big-name resident DJ’s including DJ Russke and Ronin.

The rebirth comes from the team behind Don Giovanni, Manchester's oldest independently owned Italian restaurant established in 1984.

They saw an opportunity to bring the global brand back to the city with the full support of the Mahiki London team who want the bar to succeed in our city. With a wealth of hospitality experience and a carefully selected management team from some of the best bars and restaurants in Manchester, we’re excited about the future of Mahiki.


Mahiki will be giving out drinks tokens on the door Saturday and Sunday from 10pm, the lucky recipients of which will be able to exchange them for one of the bar’s famous cocktails or a house spirit. But guestlist will be limited, so people are encouraged to follow @MahikiMCR_ on Instagram and send names to secure a place on it.

With its 5am licence Mahiki is set to be the go-to late night venue in the city. And this time, it’s here to stay. Girls get free entry for the first month when on guestlist.

The re-launch has also been featured in this article in the Manchester Evening News





One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote the #Find50Films game.

Today we’ve got a fun brief combining films and casinos. A great combination to inspire some OMB ideas. There are lots of great prizes to be won for getting involved so make sure you play the game and share to family and friends too!

Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs with the hashtag #Find50Films and include the link


About the game:

Film fans are going crazy over this movie quiz!

Movie fans...there's really no excuse not to get full marks on this quiz!

Caesars Entertainment has created a say-what-you see game in which players have to find and guess the names of 50 movies which all feature a casino in them!

So if you think you know your James Bond from your Rusty Ryan, you can have a go at playing here.

Don’t worry if you’re not into movies - even if you only dabble in the odd film here and there, you can still do well. All you have to do is say what you see and, odds are you may guess the film correctly!

There are also some great prizes up for grabs for those who complete the challenge!

DISCLAIMER: This movie quiz will most definitely consume your whole afternoon, day or even your week, so play at your own risk!

About Caesars Casinos:

 In 2006, Caesars Entertainment, the world’s largest casino entertainment company and best known for properties such as Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and Harrahs acquired 8 casinos across the UK. Being part of this global gaming giant provides unrivalled networks and benefits for customers such as an advanced VIP offering and the opportunity to participate in transatlantic experiences in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Within the community, we are a corporate supporter of SportsAid, accredited through ACE for responsible gambling policy, winner of Green Apple environmental awards, as well as making regular contributions to the Gambling Trust which funds research and education programmes to support problem gamblers. Individual casino brands are also active in their local communities with grass roots initiatives. As an organisation we are passionate about delivering exceptional gaming entertainment; inspiring grown-ups to play throughout the world. And we pride ourselves on service, the highest standards of customer care and commitment to the environment.

Caesars_Find50CasinoMovies_Game_Scene (2).jpg

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise 70-year old rap duo @PeteandBas

We’re very excited to collaborate on today’s brief with two guys we are huge fans of!! We’ve got some great prizes to be won too! Can’t wait to see what the OMBLES come up with for this!


Advertise 70-year old rap duo @PeteandBas

Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @PeteandBas with the hashtag #DentsInAPeugeot


  • Signed Pete and Bas T-shirt

  • Signed #DentsInAPeugeot CD or free download.

  • Chance to be an extra in their next music video.

  • Free tickets to the next ‘live’ show.

  • Meet and Greet with Pete and Bas

About Pete and Bas:

70 year old rap artists Pete & Bas are two of the most elusive figures in music. Debuting their first single in January 2018, they have already amassed a cult underground following. Now only 5 songs down, the duo are selling out shows all across the UK and are rumoured to have collaborations with huge UK artists on the way. Pete & Bas are nothing like any other music act worldwide, a quick look at their instagram will shed a bit of light on the two. They also had an interesting interview with Noisey in which they drove around delivering mysterious packages while vaguely answering questions but still very little is known of the two. So we’re looking to the OMBLES to help tell the world about Pete and Bas in their typical style using their amazing instinctive ideas.

Having featured in GrimeReportTv's The Five Pound Munch, and being co-signed by artists such as Dave, Giggs, Octavian and more, the duo seem to be rolling into the UK music scene very quickly. Their latest music video is currently trending on youtube music and is being described as their best work yet with artists such as Mike skinner from the streets saying "It keeps getting better".

As for what we do know about the pair, Bas is 72 years old and Pete is 68. They have been rapping for about a year now and although the stories as to how they started are debated online, they have said in previous interviews that the two met in a corner shop as Bas was teaching piano. According to Pete he was called to the shop for a health inspection and ended up talking to Bas about music and this somehow lead to their new career. Check out their latest track #DentsInAPeugeot here.

More of Pete and Bas’ music music:

maxresdefault (6).jpg
maxresdefault (5).jpg
Screenshot 2019-01-09 at 02.36.28.png

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise the benefits of #SocialMediaMarketing for Businesses and SMEs with @socialink_co

Today we’ve got a fun brief with our friends at Social INK. To coincide with the launch of their new website ( they would like the OMBLES to do what they do best, and advertise how businesses and SMEs can greatly benefit from social media marketing. There’s a great prize to be won too!

SocialInk Logo NO BG.png

Prize: £100 Cash Prize for the Winner!!

Tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @socialink_co and include the hashtags #SMM and #SocialMediaMarketing. Make sure you follow @socialink_co on Twitter and check out our Facebook page where we will be posting and sharing some of our favourite concepts.

Please include the Social INK logo and website in your designs.


Social media is often an afterthought for businesses because they don’t fully understand its power and potential as a marketing tool. Most people are ‘on’ social media and ‘use’ social media in a personal capacity, and therefore see it as more of a pastime or something to flick through when bored. What they don’t realise is that a lot of the content they consume, like and share, is on their feed thanks to effective social media marketing.

We want you to help us spread the word about the benefits of social media marketing for businesses and SMEs. for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Social media gives brands the power to target content, and particularly ads, to a very specific audience, allowing them to measure and track what works. And at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. Data is more immediate and useful in terms of ROI.

If you’d like some inspiration, Social INK’s CEO, Chris hosted a live video AMA with One Minute Briefs’ Nick, back in October, where they discussed creativity and social media -

You may also find some of our blog articles on the subject useful:

Why Social Media Is Important to Business

Social Media Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

About Social INK:

We’ve been around since 2008. And although a lot has changed since then, our philosophy has always remained the same: to keep our clients’ best interests at heart.

We provide a proactive, distributed digital marketing agency service, specialising in social media marketing and content marketing. We treat your business and your reputation as if it were our own. And that’s what people like about us.

Links for more info:

Website -

Twitter -

Facebook -

LinkedIn -

Instagram -

One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to get creatives cooking up their ideas for the Chip Shop Awards and don't get burnt by missing the deadline. @TheDrumAwards


Today we’ve got a great brief with The Drum to promote the @ChipShopAwards and their entry deadline for this Friday.

For the chance to win the great prizes below, all you have to do is share your posters to encourage people to get cooking up their Chip-winning work quickly so they don’t miss out and get burnt by a missed deadline. Do you have the secret ingredients to serve up some wins at the awards? Or will you be sat at home with serious FOMO eating beans on toast?

Tweet your entries with the hashtag #TheDrumAwards and mention @TheDrumAwards @TheDrum and @OneMinuteBriefs on Twitter. We can’t wait to see the tasty ideas you come up with!

Don’t forget to enter the awards yourselves too. Details at the bottom of the post.

Prizes for the winner :

1 x free Chip Shop Awards Entry

2 x free Chip Shop Awards tickets


The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity. It's a platform where anything and everything is allowed, an awards show with no rules and no boundaries meaning the possibilities are endless!

Winning one of these awards would guarantee you a huge profile. The event is part of The Drum, one of the largest marketing platforms in the world. That is why if you win, the everyone will know about it. The million-plus unique readers who consume The Drum every month are hungry for award information which gives them insights into best practice, the best companies and the best people.

Can you enter work for a client you don’t have? Of course. Do you have the client, but the work never ran? Yes, you can. Did you doodle something sitting on the loo? Who gives a shit.

It’s simple. By rewarding those who can push boundaries, you not only get the recognition you deserve, but also new business. It will also help position winners as the best and most exciting places to work, helping you retain and attract top talent.

These awards are a place where professionals, students, or anyone really, can compete on a level playing field. It’s the most accessible creative awards show on the planet.

ENTER NOW - Deadline: 14 March 2019 

One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to celebrate creativity #OutsideTheM25 with @TheDrumAwards #TheDrumAwards


Today we've got a great brief with our friends at The Drum. We’re running a campaign to celebrate creativity #OutsideTheM25 to coincide with their extended deadline for The Drum’s Roses Awards. We want you to share your posters communicating the above for the chance to win these amazing prizes.

Prizes: Winner receives 2 x Tickets to the Roses Awards & 1 x free award entry.

Remember to put your Twitter name in the corner of your ads and tweet to @OneMinuteBriefs @TheDrumAwards & @TheDrum with the hashtag #OutsideTheM25

The Drum Roses Creative Awards celebrate the best creative work outside the M25, striving to find the hidden gems in advertising, design and digital.

Winning one of these awards would guarantee you a huge profile. The event is part of The Drum, one of the largest marketing platforms in the world. That is why if you win, then everyone will know about it.

The million-plus unique readers who consume The Drum every month are hungry for award information which gives them insights into best practice, the best companies and the best people.

That is why amazing agencies and brands like TBWA Manchester, McCann Manchester, Leith Agency, Thompson Brand Partners, Bank of Creativity, RRD Creative, Aldi, Irn Bru, BBC Creative and Havas Lynx compete.

It’s simple. By rewarding agencies and brands who are producing exciting and innovative work, you not only get the recognition you deserve but also helps you to win new business. It positions winners as the best and most exciting places to work, helping you retain and attract top talent.

The awards are open to anyone producing great creative work, provided your headquarters or your client's headquarters are based in the UK or Ireland but outside London’s M25.

Extended deadline: Wednesday 13th March 2019 - ENTER NOW

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise the #YoungLifeWriters project with @YoungLifeWriter & @TeamHighSheriff


Today we’ve got a great brief with our friends at @YoungLifeWriter. They are launching their new project #YoungLifeWriters with an all-new Twitter feed. That’s why we have teamed up to spread the message to our talented creative audience and beyond. Please give them a follow too!!

Prize: £100 Cash Prize for the Winner!!

Tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs, @YoungLifeWriter and @TeamHighSheriff with the hashtag #YoungLifeWriters

Please tag in people between 16-25 who would you think would like to feature/get involved in this great initiative. They can send their submissions to:

This is the perfect opportunity for young copywriters out there to have their work published for a great cause!!

About the Project:

Exciting opportunity for aspiring young authors!

The Haven Greenfield is launching the #YoungLifeWriters project and collaborating with Creative Locations Publishing based in Saddleworth and Sacred Stories Publishing based in USA to create a compilation book featuring the short stories and poetry of aspiring young life writers aged 16 to 25 from the Greater Manchester area and looking to expand this into other areas of the UK as the project expands.

Are you a young life writer with a story to tell?

Maybe you have something that you feel needs to be shared, discussed or could create positive change for your community? 

Could it inspire and unite people? Do you want to share your story of the challenges you have faced?

If your story is a reflection of a personal experience, we would love to hear from you. It can be in the form of a short story or poem.

Our vision for this project is to offer 16 to 25 year olds the opportunity to share their voices through writing. Sharing our stories is a powerful way to inspire and create positive change for ourselves and others. We hope to engage our audience of readers with messages and life experiences written from the hearts of our young people. 

We are now open for entries and the final closing date is midnight of 19th March 2019 

It is free to enter and all manuscripts will be read by a panel made up of representatives of The Haven Greenfield and Creative Locations Publishing and shortlisted before selections will be made and the authors offered the chance to feature in the compilation book to be published and marketed world-wide by Sacred Stories Publishing in paperback and e-book formats.

This project is being supported by the current High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Dr Robina Shah and more information about her work can be found on the Team High Sheriff website.

Our belief:

We are doing this project because we feel that writing can be a powerful means of self-exploration which is often overlooked. It can be a way a young person can understand themselves, their lives and empower others to believe in themselves too.

Our aim is to really find out what young people have to say and for us to listen. The short stories and poems will be published in a book and promoted and distributed globally. Proceeds will go into a project of their choice. 

Send your submissions to:

Example poem: Written by Young Life Writer - Emma Sykes

I sit here in silence

With no thoughts in my head

Seeing a poem

Which only lays dead

Because of the fear,

The struggle, the pain,

To allow anyone

To even know my name.

And the persona I choose

Lies close to my heart

As a way to protect

The fire destined to start

The fire that burns

Every bridge in my soul Sealing the approval

Of my ultimate goal.

Freedom to ride

On the waves painted black

With choices so endless

You never look back

I see the elements

As they live within me

And the ‘Mother’ as she returns

And continues to be

My greatest teacher,

In times such as these

When life becomes

A little more than a breeze.

But to all my Mothers,

As we continue to grow

I ask for your guidance

In this world down below

To ignite the flames,

The passion, the power,

To rise within me,

The Great Purple Flower.

One Minute Brief of the Day: Create #Valentines cards to share the love of chicken with @KFC_UKI


Today we’ve got an amazing brief with a great brand and a brilliant prize. We’re looking for the OMBLES to share lots of ideas for this fun subject this Valentine’s Day.

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @KFC_UKI with the hashtags #Valentines and #ValentinesDay


It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better way to celebrate with someone you love than over a month’s worth of free buckets of finger lickin’ chicken courtesy of the Colonel!! You could even have the chance to work with KFC on social activations in the future.


We want you to help us share the love of chicken this Valentines day by creating a series of cards perfect for someone who loves southern fried chicken as much as we do.  

The winning design/s will encapsulate KFC’s tone of voice and distinctive style. We’re not about cheesy pick up lines or inappropes innuendos... But we could definitely be won over by some witty one liners.

Social Link:



One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise the #BankOfCreativity @BOC_ATM


Some of you will already know that One Minute Briefs was recently incorporated into the Bank of Creativity. To coincide with the launch of the new website, we are looking for the OMBLES to submit ideas to advertise the Bank of Creativity and what it does.

Tweet your ads to @oneminutebriefs and @BOC_ATM with the hashtag #BankOfCreativity

Prize: 2 x free tickets to the #OMBLive6 event.


We decided to do this to streamline all of our projects and services into one place and give OMB it’s own page. Take a look around the website and you will see our work, accounts, mission statement and the interest we’ve received around the world.

We create engaging campaigns that convert brand investment into big interest rates.

Our Statement:

The Bank of Creativity brings together the perfect balance of creative professionals to generate big interest rates for brands by capturing audiences with engaging campaigns.

By doing away with typical agency overheads, we can pass on savings to our clients and bring ideas to life quickly and effectively, whilst delivering a strong return on investment.

Flexible accounts mean we can work on a project-by-project basis or offer longer term content plans at a fixed rate to suit you.

Our speciality is in film and social media, however our extensive range of close contacts allows us to branch out into animation, design, events/PR, radio, print & more.

And, as a bonus, we have 50,000+ followers on our various social channels, which means we can maximise the reach & power of our work.

In addition to all of this, we host creative events, workshops, and deliver talks for agencies, universities and businesses such as the BBC, Lloyds Bank and SKY. We also have several books published and have featured in articles and won awards across the world.

One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters for #LyttleMoments on #WorldCancerDay with @LyttleFight


I am very sad to be writing this on #WorldCancerDay but I saw a post from Isabella’s family at the weekend and felt that OMB could once again help Isabella. We had previously done a campaign that resulted in the video below starring the amazing Isabella herself.

Unfortunately, Isabella’s Neuroblastoma has spread and the family have been informed the following by doctors.

We were sat down and told the words we have most feared hearing since October 2010. We were told that we need to make some memories with Isabella. The scan results from Tuesday has shown significant progression in just three weeks and the neuroblastoma is showing up in new places.

That’s why today we want to create posters of positivity for Isabella and encourage donations to the #LyttleMoments cause to help her and her family make some amazing memories together.

Please enter and share the work of others via retweets as much as you can and share the following link in your tweets.

Remember to read all of the links to fully understand why we are running the brief to help the family and get involved.

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs @LyttleFight with the hashtags #LyttleMoments and #WorldCancerDay

Thank you.

One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise #DECHOX with @TheBHF

One Minute Brief of the Day:

Advertise #DECHOX with @TheBHF

Following our brilliant previous briefs with the British Heart Foundation, we have got another one for their new cause. A subject that we just know the OMBLES will want to get their teeth into!!


Dechox is our nationwide challenge to give up chocolate throughout February.

Anything with cocoa in it is off limits - from the sprinkles on your cappuccino, to that 3pm chocolate bar. By stepping up and getting your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, you'll be raising money to fund our vital research.

We’re asking people to go chocolate-free for a month for both the challenge and the cause.

The satisfaction of completing Dechox is reward in itself - especially if you're competing with family and friends! Plus, every donation you raise, no matter the amount, helps to power our life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Web link:

Twitter: @TheBHF