Process for entrants

  1. Brief posted each weekday as pinned tweet on @OneMinuteBriefs Twitter feed at approx. 9am GMT.

  2. Submit as many entries as you like in response to the brief. They can be scribbles, notes, sketches or can be mocked up. But it’s all about the quick idea.

  3. Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs along with relevant hashtags and brand mentions. Feel free to tag more people in to help get your idea shared further.

  4. We encourage interaction with other followers and entries. Collaborate with others. And, be nice by retweeting other ads. Sharing is caring.

  5. Brief closes at 5pm unless otherwise stated. Entries outside of these times will all be retweeted but aren’t guaranteed to be posted to our Facebook.

  6. All entries are posted to

  7. Click ‘like’ on your favourite entries to submit your votes.

  8. Shortlists and winners posted to Facebook.

  9. If you are a prize brief winner, contact us on and we’ll arrange it for you.

  10. Enter again tomorrow. Inspire others and improve your creative thinking.