#GOGOLDMCR - Turning Manchester gold for the Olympic homecoming parade

With just over a week to go before the Olympic & Paralympic homecoming parade, we decided to do something to welcome home our heroes. With so many of the medals coming from the North, we thought why not turn Manchester gold?! So, to start things off, we got Johnny Vegas involved, with him calling the people of Manchester to Go Gold and we worked with local brands to give some great prizes away. We ran a One Minute Briefs campaign to create some great user generated content and encouraged many brands to turn their logos gold for the day. The hashtag #GoGoldMCR went crazy on the day with lots of people getting involved. Metrolink even turned one of their trams fully gold and Nissan brought along a fleet of gold cars! Our gold glittery hats created a sea of gold that was mentioned by the presenters, athletes, press and on TV. Even the typical Manchester rain couldn’t dampen the spirits as a rainbow appeared leading right into the goldness at the Town Hall. We even reached national press the next day with all the headlines about how Gold it was. Winning.