The Bank of Creativity Brand

You will have seen some changes to the Bank of Creativity brand in the last few months.

The One Minute Briefs website has now been rebranded and incorporated into the Bank of Creativity site, as well as Agency Quotes, Rapid Response Unit, Love Your NHS and our blog.

All of these will now be part of the Bank of Creativity so we can offer an integrated service to our followers and better content to our followers by minimising our amount of channels and websites.

We are looking to grow the Bank of Creativity brand further in the coming months and have started a Bank of Creativity Facebook Group which will be closely followed by our Bank of Creativity Page which will be changing from it’s current name of One Minute Briefs. This will allow us to share much more contEnt than OMB as we can also share events, work, meetups, advice and more via the feed and become an even bigger community.

We hope you will all continue to be a part of what we are doing as together, we can achieve even greater things.

Thank you,