One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to show how @EUAutomation help save money and the planet with reconditioned parts for businesses #ReconditionedNotReplaced


Today we’re collaborating on a brief with EU Automation with a great prize to be won. It’s a tricky brief as not everyone knows a lot about the world of automation!! However, we’re sure the OMBLES are up to the challenge and can bring this subject to life in lots of fun ways!!!

EU Automation supply obsolete and reconditioned automation parts to their customers, which helps save money and also the planet. This keeps businesses running as they don’t have to buy new machines or have to deal with the upheaval of replacing them.

We’d ultimately like to create a film to show how ourselves and the manufacturing world are taking climate change seriously and how our products help business owners do their bit to help the environment by changing their mentality from automatically replacing machines to fixing them instead. So we’re looking for OMBLES to help us spread the word and help communicate that with posters, headlines and more.

Because we don’t want it to look all doom and gloom, something with a comedic twist would be amazing in true OMB style.

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs & @EUAutomation with the hashtag #ReconditionedNotReplaced

Prize: £100 cash prize for today’s winner!!


About EU Automation

EU Automation was established in 2009 and has customers in over 154 countries worldwide. Essentially, we are an automation parts supplier, providing a service to customers in breakdown situations. So, anyone anywhere in the world that has a manufacturing facility will require our services at some point. Our USP as a business would be our service and ability to source obsolete or reconditioned parts through a strong international network of suppliers. 

Why EU Automation

If it wasn’t for us supplying the manufacturing world with hard to find obsolete parts the alternative would be for manufacturers to rip out entire production lines and start from scratch, as the parts required to keep their production lines running are no longer being manufactured. We are able to scour the globe to find these parts and usually get them to our customers (who are sometimes in critical breakdown situations losing a lot of money) next day. 


Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price. Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver more.

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