One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote saving water this Winter with @SESWater #WinterWater

In our second great brief with SES Water, we are looking for some brilliant creative ideas and headlines to get across the importance of saving water this winter, whatever the weather!!

With everyone used to water saving messages during Summer, we’re excited to see what the OMBLES come up with!!

Remember to tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @SESWater with the hashtag #WinterWater

Prize: £200 high street voucher and a wealth of water saving goodies!

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Yes, it does rain a lot in England. But the south east receives 50% less rainfall than the rest of the UK, meaning there is actually less rain per person than Morocco which classifies the region as ‘water-stressed’. In our area each person uses around 160 litres a day which is much higher than the national average of 140 litres. Despite some very wet days recently, it may surprise you that over the last two years we’ve had less rain than normal. Combined with last summer’s heatwave which significantly increased demand for water, this means that our groundwater reserves are now well below average.

Like all water companies, we depend on winter rainfall for the water we supply to our customers as underground aquifers – rocks which act like a giant sponge – only usually fill up between October and March when there is less plant growth and evaporation. We are concerned that another relatively dry winter will not sufficiently replenish our groundwater stores. That means we need to let our customers know how important it is to use water wisely this winter, whatever the weather. But it’s easier said than done - all life depends on water but the average person thinks about their water service for less than ten minutes a year. That’s a big problem for the world’s most consumed resource.

There are lots of little things that people can do that will make a big difference such as having a shorter shower, fixing dripping taps or fitting a meter. But the water industry has been sharing water-saving tips for years so we now need to do something more creative to capture attention:

Every drop counts – done.

Save water and save money – done.

Save water and shower together – done.

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