One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to celebrate the relaunch of on-air, online and in print with @WeAreQuestMedia #WeAreTameside #WeAreOldham #WeAreGlossop

Today we’ve got a great brief for something we have been involved with through the Bank of Creativity for a little while now with the creation of re-brand messaging and 11 films featuring some amazing people in Tameside, Oldham and Glossop!

quest logo copy.png

Below is the film that shares a message about the refreshed offering delivered through the voices of local people and the services that they provide.

There is also a film featuring staff telling the story about the rebrand here:

We’re looking for you to help bring this relaunch to life in typical OMB style and the best ones will be featured in an online article and potentially in the paper!

Quest Media are also sponsoring the #OMBLIVE6 event and will be doing interviews with OMBLES on the night to feature on the website too!

Remember to tweet your ads to @OneMinuteBriefs and @WeAreQuestMedia with the hashtags #WeAreTameside #WeAreOldham #WeAreGlossop

Prize: £100 cash prize for the winner.

About the relaunch:

The Tameside Reporter, Oldham Reporter, Glossop Chronicle and Tameside Radio are now working collaboratively to provide a seamless offering across on-air, online and in print for the local community. We are much stronger together and that will benefit local businesses and people.

Last night we hosted an event featuring a unique celebration of our rich heritage as we look forward to an exciting new beginning for our publications, radio station and website...

We are looking to widen our appeal and attract a new, younger audience with a fresh new look for our newspaper while continuing to appeal to our traditional readers. We are also committed to 10 pages of local sport per week!

We’ve introduced new features & columns including holiday / countryside / nostalgia and veteran, as well as new columns for the radio presenters & promoting our podcasts

We also have a Weekended section featuring what's on, reviews / views / lifestyle columns - in an eight page supplement.

Having been previously paid for, we will be delivering the paper completely free to 21,000+ homes and the paper will also be free to view online every week.

The radio station now has even more entertainment, content, info, games and, of course, brilliant music. Being as one with the newspaper, they will be able to share news as and when it happens and help celebrate local people with interviews and podcasts.

Now we want to spread the word!!

Our manifesto is:

We are hungry for that front page story,

the deliverers of that back page glory.

We are the producers of the best day in, day out,

Celebrating our people is what we are about.

We are the go-getters,

We are the do-betters.

We help local businesses thrive,

every time we go Live.

We are free for everyone to enjoy,

Yet worth so much to every woman, man, girl or boy.

We are the writers of meticulous reports,

The sharers of inspiring thoughts.

We are the glue that connects our community,

providing our local heroes with support & opportunity.

We are…





And we’ve been here for 164 years

We are here, there, everywhere

On air, on line, in print.

We are Quest.