One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote how @YunoJunoHQ unlock the #TruePotential of freelance.

Today we’ve got a great brief with one of our #OMBLIVE6 sponsors YunoJuno. With a great prize to be won, we’re hoping for loads of fun, creative ideas!

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @YunoJunoHQ with the hashtag #TruePotential for the chance to win.


We want to tell the creative & tech world about YunoJunoHQ and their brilliant offering that helps Creative & Tefh freelancers unlock their #TruPotential to find work and help clients find people who can deliver that work.

This isn’t just for any freelance jobs… it’s for the creative and tech industry. So we’re looking forward to see how this can be brought to life.


The overall winner wins a £100 cash prize!!


What is YunoJuno?

YunoJuno is revolutionising the future of work. What started out as a curated marketplace for the creative industries has grown into the leading platform for London's elite freelance creative network. Our platform supports the entire engagement lifecycle, from finding the perfect freelancer for your brief, through transparent and direct communication (no intermediary), to contract and time management, billing, and analytics.

We have a single bold mission: Unlock the true potential of freelance.

Why is YunoJuno a city-based marketplace?

We see tangible benefits in hiring freelancers to augment an existing team. A person who can appreciate — and build on — the dynamic of other people working on the same problem, in the same room. So for us, that happens when both parties are physically accessible to each other. London and New York were the most logical launchpads to streamline our service for the ever-increasing creative workforce. But every day sees more incredible creative professionals, from designers to developers, strategists to project managers, from all over the world register on YunoJuno to influence where we go next.

Shib Mathew is the CEO and Co-Founder of YunoJuno. Starting his career in advertising in the early '90s, he dove head first into the internet in 1996, founding two internet companies in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. After relocating to London, he continued in the creative and tech sector when in 2012 he teamed up with two ex-colleagues to launch YunoJuno.

Why creative & tech? Why not all kinds of freelancers?

We believe creative & tech people own the future of work. YunoJuno stands for these unique individuals who think, design and build that future from a position of independence and tactical engagement.

Our team

There's no point saying you have an answer for the global shift in freelancing if the people building that solution don't have first-hand experience of what's going on. Just about everyone working at YunoJuno has experience as a freelancer or in working with them.

Every iteration of YunoJuno has not only been heavily influenced by the freelancer community — the platform has been built by freelancers from the YunoJuno Network. From design to development to communications, we've wanted to practise what we preach.

When we started YunoJuno in 2012, we selfishly wanted to build a company that we ourselves wanted to work for. We had each been in companies that not only made the day-to-day experience enjoyable, but also empowered people to collectively achieve a common goal. We thought that was a pretty decent place to start in recreating that same environment for YunoJuno.