Client: Jump Giants


With great prizes to be won, we share a fun brief with our community to advertise Jump Giants, which has dominated the trampoline park industry since opening its first park in 2015.

With it’s expanding indoor entertainment, fitness and sports facilities offering, they wanted to spread the word and turned to One Minute Briefs to push the boundaries of traditional advertising while emphasising the sports-inspired Jump Giants brand.

A massive amount of entries followed in one of our best responses yet. This resulted in a large amount of conversation and visibility of the brand via social media. Brand awareness increase during a huge spike in their social reach was phenomenal and the prize-winning content was used in further albums, blogs and articles to continue the lifespan of the campaign and maximise the PR from our collaboration.

Quote from Jump Giants:

The sheer level of social noise and activity was astonishing, with certain metrics reporting an all time high level of engagement. This was not our criteria for success, however, nor was immediate sales activation. Put simply, our criteria was to test the activity and find just one great idea; an idea that was on brand, that our client could build a campaign around. The OMB community didn’t deliver just one. They delivered dozens.

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