Client: Macmillan


Go Sober for October is one of Macmillan’s most successful fundraising campaigns and they enlisted One Minute Briefs to push their campaign even further through an engaging, creative Twitter campaign.

They wanted our community to create advertising content to encourage others to do something amazing for people facing cancer by taking on the challenge of going booze free for the month of October and getting sponsored by friends and family to do so. 

The content created generated lots of online discussion and resulted in many sign-ups there and then. With huge reach across social media, our partnership with Macmillan had an extremely positive impact on their campaign and bringing it to an even wider audience than ever before.

Quote from Macmillan:

“Working with One Minute Briefs was a really interesting experience. It was great to put the brief out there and be overwhelmed by the creative and in some cases pretty hilarious responses we got in return. Really helped open up the campaign.”

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