Client: Melanoma UK


We worked with Melanoma UK on an extremely important brief and offered a great cash incentive to our followers to share their ideas to ‘ban the sunbed’!

Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, kills 6 people every day and we wanted to create content that communicates this so that we could share it across social media as far as we could. As well as that, we are looking to turn one of the ideas into a film in the near future to further amplify the campaign.

The amount of entries we received was astonishing and the quality was extremely strong as the shares went way beyond our own feed right across the world. The content was used in further articles, blogs and emails in order to spread the important message to an even bigger audience.

Quote from Melanoma UK:

“Up until recently we hadn't heard of One Minute Briefs, we are now glad that we did!  Some of the ideas we received during one of our campaigns were simply amazing. If we had sat for a month in a darkened room, we would never have managed to come with anything so clever. It had a massive impact on a particular campaign and got a lot of people engaging with us, who might not necessarily have done so.     ”

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