Client: Adobe


Adobe wanted to share their brilliant 20% off Creative Cloud offer with the creative industry and what better way than by collaborating with the One Minute Briefs community. This way, they could have hundreds of pieces of content to promote the offer being created by industry members themselves and sharing to their creative peers before it even reaches our feed. To do this, we ran 3 collaborative briefs across a 2 week period that had creativity at their heart. One was for #CelebratingCreativity, one to advertise #Photoshop and the third was to #AdvertiseYourself.

Across the 3 briefs, we received 352 entries, which were posted into the FB albums and were then shared via shortlists and winners. The winners alone had big reach on Facebook and we gave away hundreds in prizes to the best of the bunch.

The 352 entries are tweeted in to us so go to their own followers. 352 x average of 300 followers each = 105,600 reach.

Our top mention of the month was for the #photoshop brief with 622 engagements, 27 retweets and 97 likes. That’s off one tweet alone.

Our top media tweet for the month was the #CelebratingCreativity one with 8456 impressions, 461 engagements, 222 link clicks. Again, just one of our tweets.

 24.4k impressions for #advertiseyourself

25.3k impressions for #photoshop 

23.6 impressions for #celebratingcreativity

73,300 impressions in total from our tweets across the briefs which is a great number but the real power comes from the tweets coming in, the retweets and the creative content, which had mass reach.

 With, those 352 entries all retweeted to our 19,500 OMB audience, this equals a potential reach of 6.87 million.

We are looking forward to many more collaborations with Adobe following these incredibly successful campaigns. Perhaps we’ll even be teaming up for some events in the near future!

Quote from Adobe:

“The collaborations and brilliant entries were great to see. We’re excited for the next one!”

Facebook Link to #Photoshop Brief Shortlist:

Facebook Link to #AdvertiseYourself Brief Shortlist:

Facebook Link to #CelebratingCreativity Brief Shortlist: