Client: KFC


To coincide with Valentine’s Day, we ran a competition for our followers to create posters/cards to show the ‘love of chicken’. The response was immense with hundreds of entries coming through and KFC were able to really own the #ValentinesDay hashtag with their content featuring predominantly across the tweets. As we were utilising an already trending hashtag, the reach and amount of shares were huge right across the day and, as you can see below, the quality of ideas was brilliant too.

Overall, we received 207 entries that were retweeted to 18,700 each time… giving potential reach of 3.87 million BEFORE all of the retweets from our followers and beyond. The very first tweet alone gained 25,000 impressions.

We will once again be collaborating with KFC very soon as a result of this successful campaign.

Quote from KFC:

“Incredible! I struggled keeping on top of it all! It was a fantastic day and the content coming through was really great. Absolutely loved collaborating with you and hope we can do more of these very soon for KFC. It’s been a fab experience!”

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