#BreatheLife - Campaigning to end loneliness in the elderly

Encouraging young people to ask elders for advice & end loneliness

Loneliness is one of the greatest causes of death in older people. In the UK alone, a fifth of older people feel lonely ALL the time. We wanted to help change that and worked with The Gate Films to develop a campaign through kindness.org. This involved us creating a film with the concept coming out of one of our One Minute Briefs social campaigns based on the silence older people hear every day with no-one to talk to.

We developed a system involving simple email request for wise advice, to help restore feelings of self worth in older people and helped younger people gain valuable insight in the process. We found five brilliant older people from Cheshire in the UK. Together they had over 250 years of wisdom to offer. For 30 days, they were available to offer their thoughts questions younger people may have.

The campaign inspired lots more people to get involved as many comments and questions were sent in and responded to. This has also sparked conversation online with people pledging to devote their time to others on an ongoing basis. We are very proud to have been involved in this great initiative and see the difference it has made to the lives of others.