#YoungLifeWriters - Bringing the poetry of Emma Sykes to life through spoken word

Spoken-word artist, Emma Sykes, approached us to create a series of films capturing her beautiful poetry and bring it to life after meeting her and her family at a Team High Sheriff event where Emma featured as a fellow ambassador. Using the base location of her parents’ family business, The Haven in Greenfield, we shot Emma’s spoken word performance in a variety of backgrounds mixed with cutaways of the stunning surroundings and wildlife. Music accompanying the footage was performed by Ambiere.

In the latest film, we juxtaposed the beautiful nature shots with industrial shots from the Northern Quarter district of Manchester to give it a different feel and reflect the content of the poem.

This film will be entered into an award to promote Emma’s work and all of the films are to be used as inspiration for another project the family run called https://twitter.com/YoungLifeWriter where 16-25 year olds are encouraged to share their stories and thoughts through their words.

We look forward to doing more of these films in the future!!