#LyttleFight - Using the C-word to help Isabella

We were approached by Isabella’s godmother to run a One Minute Briefs campaign to raise awareness and encourage donations to the charity. The campaign itself had huge reach but we didn’t stop there. Together with the family, we developed a script for a film based on one of the ideas by @ZedTrafficker that at only 10 years old, Isabella shouldn’t know the ‘C’ word. A film was then made and edited by our friends at Trunk and sent out via the charity Facebook feed. Within hours it had 1 million views and captured the attention of publishers across the world who wanted to buy the rights and share the profits. We declined these offers as we felt it had more sharing potential and the more people see it, the more people will donate. It quickly received 10 million views on Unilad, as well as featuring on The Hook, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and BBC National News. We ran further One Minute Briefs campaigns and asked for people to send in their own videos to ‘the C-word’ and nominate others to do the same. This helped make the campaign go even more viral and has helped the family to raise more than £100,000 towards getting Isabella the life-saving treatment in America she needed.

Unfortunately, we received the awful news that she never became well enough to be able to have the treatment and sadly passed away. The money raised will now go to help other people and we will continue to support the family in the future.