One Minute Brief of the Day: Advertise #DECHOX with @TheBHF

One Minute Brief of the Day:

Advertise #DECHOX with @TheBHF

Following our brilliant previous briefs with the British Heart Foundation, we have got another one for their new cause. A subject that we just know the OMBLES will want to get their teeth into!!


Dechox is our nationwide challenge to give up chocolate throughout February.

Anything with cocoa in it is off limits - from the sprinkles on your cappuccino, to that 3pm chocolate bar. By stepping up and getting your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, you'll be raising money to fund our vital research.

We’re asking people to go chocolate-free for a month for both the challenge and the cause.

The satisfaction of completing Dechox is reward in itself - especially if you're competing with family and friends! Plus, every donation you raise, no matter the amount, helps to power our life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Web link:

Twitter: @TheBHF