One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters for #LyttleMoments on #WorldCancerDay with @LyttleFight


I am very sad to be writing this on #WorldCancerDay but I saw a post from Isabella’s family at the weekend and felt that OMB could once again help Isabella. We had previously done a campaign that resulted in the video below starring the amazing Isabella herself.

Unfortunately, Isabella’s Neuroblastoma has spread and the family have been informed the following by doctors.

We were sat down and told the words we have most feared hearing since October 2010. We were told that we need to make some memories with Isabella. The scan results from Tuesday has shown significant progression in just three weeks and the neuroblastoma is showing up in new places.

That’s why today we want to create posters of positivity for Isabella and encourage donations to the #LyttleMoments cause to help her and her family make some amazing memories together.

Please enter and share the work of others via retweets as much as you can and share the following link in your tweets.

Remember to read all of the links to fully understand why we are running the brief to help the family and get involved.

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs @LyttleFight with the hashtags #LyttleMoments and #WorldCancerDay

Thank you.