One Minute Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote #DublinConversations

Today, we’ve got a Brief - and it’s a campaign we hope will begin conversations to help many people in the creative industries now and in the future.

Plus there’s a £50 prize for the winner!

#DublinConversations logo.png

We want you to share your ideas, headlines, sketches, designs and posters to help spread the message as far as possible about the #DublinConversations - a grassroots drive to shape big change for the communications community through hundreds of small, intelligent conversations over the next 12 months and co-create a better future.

Tweet your ideas to @OneMinuteBriefs with the hashtag #DublinConversations


We work in a post-digital world that has disrupted what we knew as advertising or public relations and creating new ways of communicating to audiences through social media, content, influencer marketing and much more.

We now have the problem that old ways of doing are less reliable, relevant, or are now redundant.

That’s where the ‘Dublin Conversations’ offers help - with a year-long project providing five free services as listed below and, to kickstart the planned year of conversations ahead, we have a tour this month across Ireland, starting from Dublin and into Cork, Galway and Belfast. Further events are planned for the UK, Australia, the United States and elsewhere.

· An easy to use ‘5 Steps to Dublin’ online changemaker tool that’s offering support to develop new ideas.

· The ‘Journey from Dublin Toolkit’ - with a new helpful tool launched each month

· The ‘Dublin Conversations Sandpit’ - an offline space to share, co-create ideas, insights and inspirations

· ‘Dublin Conversations events’ - free open talks to share, listen and grow your thinking,

· A Green Paper end of year report on the progress of the Conversation, which will be reviewed by an expert panel of academics and practitioners curating the ideas, insights and inspirations from the input of you and others during the year-long project

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