One Minute Brief of the Day: Create posters to promote #PaperStraws with @IntrinsicPaper

Today we’ve got a great brief with the guys at Intrinsic Paper to promote the use of a product that is extremely important in protecting our environment. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing creativity that the OMBLES come up with for this and there is a great prize on offer to the winner.

Remember to tweet your entries to @OneMinuteBriefs & @IntrinsicPaper with the hashtag #PaperStraws


The brief…

Campaign to spread the word that the paper straws are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws, which are due to be banned in the UK from April 2020.

About Intrinsic Paper Straws

Intrinsic are a UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality paper straws. Our journey into paper straws was very much influenced by the documentary ‘Blue Planet II’ which was broadcast in 2018. To see the damaging impact that plastic waste (especially plastic straws) is having on our oceans and wildlife is quite heart-breaking viewing. To help with the global initiative to reduce plastic pollution, Intrinsic has been setup to focus on developing plastic alternatives starting with paper straws.

We believe paper straws are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. The paper straws we provide are made from sustainably sourced papers which are biodegradable, and only contain inks and adhesives that are both food safe and environmentally friendly. Also, our straws have been designed to deliver outstanding durability during use, so consumers can enjoy that all important beverage without worrying about issues such as sogginess.

However, there is a perception with paper that it has a negative impact on the environment, but in truth it is a sustainable product. Paper is based on wood, a natural and renewable material. As trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Furthermore, as a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime.


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