One Minute Brief of the Day: Create a campaign to promote the launch of #Space1999 - a reimagining of the 1970s Gerry Anderson TV series as a @BigFinish audio drama.

We’re excited to be running another amazing brief with Big Finish today with great prizes to be won. With such an exciting subject we cannot wait to see what the OMBLES come up with!

Tweet entries to @OneMinuteBriefs and @BigFinish using the hashtag #Space1999.

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5 winners will receive:

A copy of Space: 1999 - Breakaway! This 3 CD box set audio drama stars Mark Bonnar (Line of Duty, Catastrophe, Guilt) as Commander John Koenig. The release date of 13 September 2019 has been chosen because it is 20 years to the day after the Moon was blown out of Earth’s orbit (according to the original series’ opening titles)! This feature-length first story is split over two CDs, with a further hour of behind-the-scenes interviews and extras on a bonus disc.

About Space: 1999

Space: 1999 was originally an international TV production, debuting in September 1975. It was lavish, it was expensive, it was thrilling, and it was packed with stunning effects and exotic alien worlds. It told the story of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, forced to journey into the unknown when a freak nuclear accident blasts the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and into deep space.

Now the much-loved series is back. This brand-new audio drama combines re-imagined versions of classic episodes together with all-new scripts. Joining Mark Bonnar is Maria Teresa Creasey as Dr Helena Russell, with additional cast members Glen McCready (Commander Gorsky/Paul Morrow/Alan Carter), Clive Hayward (Professor Victor Bergman), Susan Hingley (Sandra Benes/Alpha Computer/Sian Springer), Timothy Bentinck (Commissioner Simmons), Amaka Okafor (Dashka Kano) and Jules de Jongh (Petra Nordstrom).

What we are looking for

Celebrate the launch of the new audio drama series, and the commemoration of "Breakaway Day" (the 13 September 1999 anniversary celebrated by Gerry Anderson fans around the globe), in a way which will convince new audiences to download and listen to this blockbuster sci-fi audio drama.

We are keen to see ideas illustrated for print, outdoor or even, experiential.

The sky's the limit! (But remember: the Moon has gone!)

Key facts

Space: 1999 is only available on CD or download from - it is not listed on podcast, audiobook or streaming platforms.

Running time: 180 minutes.

Age: 8+.

Space: 1999 was a British and Italian science-fiction TV show which aired on ITV and ran from 1975-1977. It was the last production from prolific producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The original TV series starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.

This thrilling feature-length audio movie is an enhanced re-telling of the TV show’s very first episode. It follows the assignment of John Koenig (Mark Bonnar) to Moonbase Alpha, where Dr Helena Russell (Maria Teresa Creasey) is investigating the outbreak of a deadly illness among the crew, while Professor Victor Bergman (Clive Hayward) discovers that a signal from the distant planet of Meta could herald disaster for humanity.

About Big Finish

For more than 20 years, Big Finish has been producing high-quality, innovative and award-winning audio dramas. There are now literally hundreds of releases to choose from, with new titles added to our catalogue every month. The majority of Big Finish releases are based on TV series, including genre favourites like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, Survivors, Dark Shadows, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant Lives! and The Avengers.

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