One Minute Briefs of the Day: Create posters to encourage the world to sign #TrumpsEarthDay card.

Today we’ve got a fun brief with a serious message at the heart of it.

We’re looking to the OMBLES to make some noise in the way they know best, through brilliant creative ideas that communicate and encourage people to sign Trump’s EarthDay Card.

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Remember to tweet your posters to @OneMinuteBriefs and @TrumpsEarthDay with the hashtag #TrumpsEarthDay Please give @TrumpsEarthDay a follow on Twitter too!

Don’t forget to sign the card and then include the sentence below in your tweeted entries.

Sign #TrumpsEarthDay card at

Prizes for the winner:

  • A tree planted in your honour as a symbol of your commitment to the planet.

  • £100 voucher with a sustainable shopping site

  • Listed as a creative partner on our website.

About the campaign:

On June 14th, Donald Trump’s own Birthday will be turned into a day of eco-action against his climate policies with a mass protest-switch to green energy. We’re asking for everyone to help him get the message by signing an ‘EarthDay’ card that we will be sending direct to the White House. Check out the film we made with GAS Music below, featuring Ronald Dump performing a parody of ‘Happy Birthday’ by Stevie Wonder. Please give the film and website a share to help spread this important message far and wide.

The Background

Donald Trump’s policies on climate change have dismayed people around the world as we all begin to understand the extent of the danger we face if we don’t act quickly to reduce carbon emissions. While much of the rest of the world has been making progress:

  • Trump has called climate change a hoax

  • He has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement

  • He cut funding for renewable energy by 72% last year

  • He has put great efforts to reviving what he calls “clean coal”

The Idea

The brainchild of green-business leader, Tara Button, she explains that “Trump is stealing the Earth’s future, so we’re going to steal his birthday and give it to the planet. On the 14th of June, we are calling on the world to take action into their own hands and pledge to switch to renewable energy.”

Button has brought together a coalition of green activists and legends of the creative industry to turn a day which should be all about Trump, to be all about what we can do to fight his agenda in a real and practical way.

The Website and Earthday Card

The public will be directed to TrumpsEarthday.Com where they get to sign Trump’s Earthday card to send him a message and at the same time pledge to switch to green energy. If someone already has green energy then they pledge to get a friend to switch. A giant card will then get delivered to the White House to make sure Trump gets the message

The website also has resources to help people switch. NB Trump’s Earthday is not affiliated with any green energy companies and receives no financial benefit from any green-energy choices the public make.

The Music Video

A parody of Stevie Wonder’s beloved “Happy Birthday” song has been rewritten for the occasion by Tara Button and performed by parady singer “Ronald Dump”. Produced by coalition partners, Bank of Creativity and Gas Music.

Why is this day about switching to green energy?

The team wanted to do more than march. They want to ignite something that directly undermines Trumps damaging policies and will have a lasting impact.

  1. Dirty energy use is the biggest cause of climate change, so a mass switch to green energy will have an extreme and lasting impact.

  2. People voting with their wallets is much more effective than petitions - it drives change faster.

  3. Many people who care about the environment haven’t switched yet.  

  4. It’s much quicker and easier to do than people imagine

  5. Trump can’t stop us from doing it

  6. It’s a practical way to undermine Trump’s dirty-energy doners.


Twitter: @TrumpsEarthDay


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